Strip&foil slitting line






Technical parameter

Material type

Aluminum/Copper/Steel and their alloy strip coil

Material specification

Material thickness:0.08-3.6mm

Material width:100-1700mm

Max weight:10t

Product specification

Strip width:25-1650mm

Nos of slitted strips:4-40

Product precision

Slitting width accuracy:±0.05mm(thickness≤0.5mm )

Slitting width accuracy:±0.1mm(0.5mm≤thickness≤2mm )

Slitting width accuracy:±0.15mm(thickness≥2mm )

Finished mislayer clearance:≤±0.5mm

Finished taping clearance:≤±2mm

Machine data

Threading speed:15m/min

Line speed:0-300m/min


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