Strip tension leveller






Line usage: this continuous producing line is used to level the copper/aluminum strip by stretching, bending and leveling. Re-coil with tension, to keep the strip flat and leveled.


Working principle: when the strip machined by the rolling mill, there will be some wave (single edge wave, double edge wave, middle wave, warpage, lateral curvature).the tension leveler line combined the continuous leveler and the roller straightener, to provide tension to the strip and make the products flat.


Leveler cassette

Straight roller: 23pcs

Diameter: 16mm

Surface hardness: HRC62


Middle roller: 25pcs

Diameter: 30mm

Surface hardness: HRC60±2


Straight roller: 27pcs

Diameter: 33mm

Surface hardness: HRC60±2


Straightener made up by frame, frame tilting mechanism, pressure adjusting mechanism, the backup roll adjusting mechanism, etc.


 Upper frame swinging driven by hydraulic cylinder.


Roll down action driven by four corners on the pressure on the motor through reducer drive down the screw driver, is narrow and tilt adjustments.

 By hydraulic cylinder and servo valve adjustment alone under the backup roll under the preset flatten the curve in addition to flatness defect elimination of the roll into seven parts, and its adjustment adopts hydraulic servo control, which can realize intelligent control panel type.


Incoming width:

Copper strip: Max 650mm

Aluminum strip: Max 2300mm


Incoming thickness:

Copper strip:  max 2.0mm

Aluminum strip: 0.1mm3.0mm


Line speed:

Aluminum strip: max 430m/min

Copper strip: max 150m/min



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