Walking-beam heating furnace



Usage: copper or copper alloy slab ingot heating.

Heating type: natural gas heating

Typical slab ingot size: 600mm×200mm×5000mm, 5100kg/each

Production capacity maximum 7-8 slab ingots (about 42.7t/h)

Overall size (exclude the unloading trolley): 22650×5200×6600

Loading capacity: 27+4

Natural gas consumption: 1100Nm3/h,

This furnace are made up by feeding device, furnace body, walking beam system, door, lifting device, combustion system, combustion supporting system, purging system, waste-heat utilization device, unloading device, hydraulic system, industrial television monitoring system, lubricating system and automatic control system.

Billets are delivered at the charging door by the feeding roller. According to the different billet size, billets can be delivered on the walking beam inside furnace by pusher or cantilever roller inside furnace. The walking beam or walking bottom which loads billet moves in according with rectangle track generally, billets go through different temperature zones for heating, the heated billets go out from furnace by drawer or cantilever roller to be rolled.

There are pre-heating, heating and soaking zone 3 area of heating, the rated temperature is 1050℃, the difference inside the furnace is ±5℃.

Safety control system: before ignition, the furnace will be blowed clear in case of explosion.

The walking beam consists of horizontal walking beam, lifting walking beam and bevel pathway.




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